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Age of Summer

the likes of mary poppin you just forget it's even there

Little Nicky

I remember watching this movie for the first time, my dad had just bought a DVD and it came with the appliance as a special and the other movie was Scent of a woman, this movie surprised me so much I laughed my ass off and went to call my friends to come to watch, the DVD ended up circulating in school and I never got it back i will download for memory sake hahahahahaha, alan was on drugs

If I Think of Germany at Night

slept before the end, good visuals for something that old, but bad storyline for someone who is open-minded.

Chimera Strain

Is there a site with subtitles that actually sync?

The Sea Chase

The storyline lacks a spine, this movie leaves you thinking was this meant to be a man's struggle, the life of an Uber driver or an attempt to brainstorm on night uber rides and then it just ends like that.

The Ward

This movie is like erectile dysfunction, it gives the cookie and makes you thirst for it then when you in deep into the cookie it drops you just like that without explanation or reason, the ending sucks.