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Chimera Strain

He's a PUSSY in this movie. I miss classic Van Damme, rgw BAD ASS. This movie SUCKS.

Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County

This film cost $50 to make. The money is for a cheap video recorder at Wal Mart and after this, they borrowed a woman for a day and followed her around with a camera through a storage facility. I just summed up the entire movie! It's shit like THIS that one finds on the store shelves with a 14 or 17 dollar price tag. THAT'S the real crime!

The Thompsons

Okay, I've had enough of these teen amatuer ''found footage'' style films. This is not a C movie, but an E. It's that terrible, DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

Summer '03

Don't believe harpergwapo, this yts member is a LIAR. This is the WORST movie you'll ever see in your life. Molly supposedly has super powers, yet she doesn't use them and struggles every fight. Grade 'A' STUPID!

Hell Fest

My review score is 100 BELOW ZERO! Nuff said.

Woman Is the Future of Man

This site has refused to post many of my comments thinking they're web links and says no websites allowed. Yet sluts are posting their filthy websites on here. How is this possible FREEMAN????