Two of Us 2020


Action / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.9


Two young women's plans to try to live a normal life in isolation after a world ending apocalypse go awry when they are discovered.

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fad-38798 1 / 10

Simply terrible.

Admittedly this film is better than I could do. Having no training, no equipment and no cast, but only just.

It's a 15 minute story dragged out for far too long.

Poor acting, no script, too many 'make a noise and run' scenes and too many scenes where nothing happens. Literally.

Might have been a bit better if they had employed a director.


And if you cannot avoid, keep the receipt.

Reviewed by bgsmoove 2 / 10

33 Minutes In, Not A Zombie In Sight!

Borefest 2020! Just two cute girls on quiet vacation, showing off their bodies when possible. Waste your time if you want to.. I can't get mine back.

Reviewed by errornl 1 / 10

Just ignore it.

Bad acting, filmed on an iPhone, bad sound editing, bad makeup and effects. Terrible story, dumb plot.

Do not bother with his atrocity.

Just ignore it.

Would give 0 stars but that doesn't seem to be possible.

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