The Female Brain 2017



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 31%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 80%
IMDb Rating 5.7


What makes a woman swipe right for Mr. Wrong and left for Mr. Right? This is a look at the real-life science behind our (often regrettable) romantic impulses. Writer-director Whitney Cummings (2 Broke Girls) stars as no-nonsense neuroscientist Julia, whose research into the biochemistry of the female brain is illustrated by three couples: newlyweds Zoe (Cecily Strong) and Greg (Blake Griffin), whose career troubles seep into their relationship; Lisa (Sofia Vergara) and Steven (Deon Cole), who are looking to spice up their stuck-in-a-rut marriage; and Lexi (Lucy Punch) who can't help trying to change her boyfriend Adam (James Marsden). Meanwhile, the straight-laced Julia's own synapses start to fire when a handsome new subject (Toby Kebbell) joins her study.

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by psychology_in_movies 4 / 10

A missed opportunity

I really wanted to like this movie since science-based comedies are so rare, and it did start very strong - the banter between Julia and Abby is hilarious, even if the science is somewhat dodgy (pheromones is especially nonsense, and it sounds like Julia has Co-dependency Disorder but was referenced only as a "childhood trauma"). However, after 20 minutes it all goes downhill when it starts to focus on the 3 couples in the study - they were just so annoying and not funny at all. I would have preferred the focus to remain on Julia and Abby, along with cameos from Kate McKinnon and Mayim Bialik to make it a truly knockout romantic geekfest...

Reviewed by coolbirish 9 / 10

Not meant to be a traditional comedy.

Ignore where Hulu or whatever threw this in the genre category. The people giving it a low rating just because they didn't find it funny are missing the point of the film. I mean, come on, some are writing in here that they didn't even watch the whole thing and you need to to get the point. Yes it has its funny moments but its not that kinda movie. It's to show us that, yeah, us guys get a bit competitive around eachother and our testosterone plays into it and women enjoy gossip because it helps them feel more in tuned to the society they are in. But we shouldn't jump the gun based on assumptions we may have with the opposite sex at times and at other times it's those differences that make eachother stronger. Whitney Cummings is brilliant. Anyone who's actually listened to her speak publicaly like when she's on Rogans podcast knows she knows her stuff so to say she's just making up what she is saying needs to pick up a book. Please watch this with an open mind and pay attention to the details it's trying to show.

Reviewed by Devon Ull 8 / 10

Brilliant mea culpa

I am a retired neuroscientist. The science here is reasonable albeit simplified, and that works. I watched with skepticism and was initially appalled at the investigator's desire to retest until the data was more suitable. That would be nonsense. But the mea culpa resolved that. This indicates the direction was perfect. I was supposed to be upset (tension), and the tension was resolved with humility and self awareness. Brilliant. Each of the four romances were real, both sides were treated fairly. If I were nitpicking I would say the athlete owes more apology but that is the point really. We live with flawed people. We are flawed. Best line: " Jet lag is a social construct". Hilarious.

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