The Devil and Max Devlin 1981


Comedy / Family / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 5.1


When Max dies in an accident, he goes straight to hell. But the devil Barney makes him an offer: if he manages to get three innocent youths to sell him their souls in the next two months, he may stay on earth. Max accepts, and returns to earth, equipped with special powers. However his task is harder than expected, especially when 7 years old Tobi demands that he marry his mother.

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Elliott Gould as Max Devlin
Mindy Sterling as Fan #1 at Grammy's
Bill Cosby as Barney Satin
Denise DuBarry as Stella's Secretary
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Marco_Trevisiol 4 / 10


After a promising opening ten minutes, highlighted by some good gags, this movie quickly slips into dreariness and never recovers. It's not that there's anything particularly wrong with this film, it's just that there's nothing particularly good about it either and it wastes a potentially interesting leading duo.

The best thing that can be said about it is that it's inoffensive and easy to take but it's also totally forgettable and one of the more uninventive films you're likely to come across.

Reviewed by ML368 7 / 10

Sweet and charming

I remember seeing this movie as a kid and loving it. Recently, I watched again as an adult and found it to still be a sweet, charming little movie. The basic plot has Elliot Gould's character signing a pact with the Devil (Bill Cosby)to recruit three good souls and thus saving his own from eternal damnation. Gould gets three young people including an aspiring young singer (Julie Budd)and a fatherless young boy (Adam Rich), to sign a contract with the devil in exchange for making their dreams come true while on Earth. It all works out happily as all Disney films do, but there are several laughs, touching moments, and lesson learned along the way. I was really intrigued by Julie Budd after this film who more than resembled a young Barbra Streisand in both looks and talent. Loved the song that she sang in the film "Any Fool Can See." I wonder what happened to her after this film. Seems she never worked again.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 6 / 10

Reasonably entertaining 'mature' product from Disney

Horror veteran Jimmy Sangster got himself attached to the Disney company by way of his story concerning a crooked apartment manager in Los Angeles who is hit by a car and goes to Hell. To save himself from eternal damnation, he must return to Earth and find three unsullied innocents who will sign away their souls in exchange for their life's wish to be granted. Sangster shares credit for the plot with screenwriter Mary Rodgers of "Freaky Friday", who apparently added the accoutrements of a single mom and her son looking for a husband and father to love, a teenage nerd who wants to be a motocross champion and a nervous songbird who wants to be a star. Disney, who had not yet developed the Touchstone subsidiary for more grown-up product, was attempting to change their image a bit here, but the swear words and a scary scene down in Hades just seem out of place in a movie about an old softie (Elliott Gould) charming everyone with his rumpled panache. Bill Cosby is cast as Satan, who dresses up for different occasions even though nobody but Gould can see him, and Susan Anspach is the daycare worker burned by broken romances. Both are good, but it's Gould movie and he carries it to a treacly but satisfying finish. **1/2 from ****

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