Something for Everyone 1970


Comedy / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 69%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 7.2
IMDb Rating 7.2


Konrad, a handsome country boy in post-war Austria, charms his way into a butler position at the castle of a widowed countess that lost her fortune. Before long the opportunistic boy is running the entire household. As he starts affairs with both the countess's son and the daughter of a whealthy businessman, the idea grows to get his two lovers to marry each other and make the house rich again.

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Angela Lansbury as Countess Herthe von Ornstein
Michael York as Konrad Ludwig
Anthony Higgins as Helmuth Von Ornstein
Jane Carr as Lotte Von Ornstein
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lasttimeisaw 8 / 10

A subversive happy-ever-after comedy

A subversive happy-ever-after comedy directed by the famed Broadway director Harold Prince, who has only directed 2 pictures for the celluloid. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE stars a fresh-faced Michael Fork as a twenty-some stripling Konrad Ludwig, insinuates his way into the family of widowed Countess Herthe von Ornstein (Lansbury), whose financial situation is running on empty in spite of owning a Mittel-European castle, which, curtailed by an inheritance entail, is prohibited to sell.

Who is Konrad anyway? Throughout the whole movie, audience has no inkling of his past, like a tabusa rasa, he pops up from nowhere, and miracle comes about around him just like the butterfly of a rare species landing on his hand in the opening, he can always find "something for everyone", a miracle worker indeed, but morbidly, with a tendency of homicide if he sees fit. Chirpily injecting its daringly amoral keynote with a tongue-in-cheek mischief, the story sends Konrad rising through ranks, and plays up his pansexuality with utter candidness. Soon Konrad incubates a scheme to bring affluence and glory back to the castle, through a marriage arrangement between Herthe's son Helmuth (a wiry and delectable Higgins) and Anneliese (Weis), the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pleschke (Gill and Meineke respectively), a nouveau riche couple salivating for aristocratic luxury.

But there is a catch, both Helmuth and Anneliese are Konrad's lovers (and clearly he has a preference), the aftermath of their disastrous honeymoon drives Konrad's plan to an almost breaking point, but thankfully, the marriage is official and money is secured, so it is just a matter of dispensing with those unwelcome nuisances, between the patrician and the parvenu, it is a cinch to guess when side Prince/Konrad is inclined to choose by thinking on their feet.

Konrad's star is rising, he cannot get a break, Herthe is swept off her feet eventually, a marriage proposal, however scandalous, is propounded, and he is in no place to decline, in the final twist, there is someone in the upper crust finally can give Konrad a good run for his money, it is neither the self-involving Herthe, nor the effete Helmuth, but a cherubic lass who sees through Konrad's trickery and ploys, and gets what she always want through blackmail without hazarding her own safety, now we are talking about a film truly merits a sequel treatment.

Angela Lansbury entrancingly flaunts royal poise and rhetoric, a facade she nails on the stage but rarely opens to his film audience, and Michael York, is such a unique leading man, angular, confident, charisma-oozing, and the pride in his eyes is undiminished. As a comedy ruthlessly sends up a morally conscious society, this little-seen picture is a blast from the past, and worth being dusted off to, at the very least, give a scare to the prim, proper and prudish.

Reviewed by reklaw-45855 9 / 10

Loved this movie!

This movie was well acted and just a delight.. The scenery is lovely and who doesn't like a setting involving an old Austrian castle with a wealth starved nobility striving for former glory. That it is pulled of by a bisexual commoner.. well the plot is just perfect!

Angela Lansbury and Michael York hats of to you for a magnificent performance!

Reviewed by Alex da Silva 7 / 10

Love and marriage

Michael York (Konrad) has a fantasy. He wants to live in a fairytale palace like the one in the children's book he carries around everywhere with him. Whilst holidaying in Austria, he comes across such a palace and makes it his mission to one day lord over it. It's at this point that we discover that he is quite an evil character. He certainly has some unusual ideas about friendship and relationships. Does his fantasy play out as planned….er, no…

Angela Lansbury plays the once wealthy Countess who lives in the castle along with her son Anthony Higgins (Helmuth) and daughter Jane Carr (Lotte). The family needs money to survive and York has an idea for this. The film is set in Austria/Germany and this provides interesting landscapes and a slice of village life. Wolfried Lier (Klaus) plays the butler with a secret and there are also good performances from Eva Maria Meineke and Heidelinde Weis as a wealthy mother and daughter who get lured into York's plans.

It's a dark story with twists and turns and the film keeps you guessing as to what York is going to do next. I find York slightly creepy in a Prince Edward sort of way but he plays his part well. From an opportunistic start, things seem to be going well….. until…. ha ha….

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