Punk Love 2006


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 72%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 6
IMDb Rating 6


Set in the rainy environs of Oregon and Washington, Punk Love is the story of two forlorn lovers, searching for that elusive Hollywood Ending to the story of their dreams. Sarah is a lost 15-year-old, trapped in an unloving home, in a dreary small paper mill town. When she meets Spike, she envisions a new life for herself. Falling in love, Sarah and Spike go on a crime spree of small-time con jobs, both to support themselves and their drug habit. Spike has dreams of his own, and when he successfully auditions for a band, he can't help but feel that he and Sarah are starting on the road to escaping their ill-fated existence. But just as things are looking up, everything goes uncontrollably wrong, and Spike and Sarah have only their undying love for each other as a means of survival against all odds. Director/writer Nick Lyon's Punk Love is a modern-day fairy tale about two fallen angels searching for meaning in a world without pity. As Spike, Chad Lindberg gives an outstanding ...

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by redheadmom 10 / 10

Awesome, powerful film!

I really enjoyed this film. It's a dark, realistic and sad film that made me cry several times. When will it finally come out? I especially love the performance given by Chad Lindberg who in my opinion should be a star! He makes you love his character, and brings you to tears. As for the look and feel of the film. It is a very moody, sad movie that puts you in a mood and doesn't want to let you go. Overall I would suggest watching it and letting the story sink in. It's a great drama! It reminds me of growing up and all the pressures put on people who are just trying to do the right thing, but are constantly pounded down by the decisions they make and others make for them. The score is also a very moody, nice sound that matches the constant rain pounding down on the actors. Wow! Check this film out!

Reviewed by writenact 5 / 10

Somewhere between crap and genius...

I wouldn't say that this film is "Troma" bad, but it wasn't brilliant either. It was a dark, moody film that offers a bleak look at life for two punk teens in the Pacific Northwest of the US. The script combines elements of Midnight Cowboy, Sid and Nancy, Badlands and Requium for a Dream into the mix. I might even throw in Dumb and Dumber in there as well, since Spike and Sarah constantly do things that make you want to scream, "Don't do that" or "Don't go in there" often. The plot is a bit disjointed at times, which makes it a tough movie to sit through, and its grim theme makes it even harder. The music is (surpisingly) mostly non-punk, which added a slowness to the film that just didn't work for me. Emma Bing is solid in her role as Sarah; hopefully someone notice her and give her another shot. With that being said, this film is interesting , but not enough to be a "must see".

Reviewed by claywork59 2 / 10

beyond bad, like, Troma Team bad

The acting and plot are so terrible, the film becomes a self parody. There is little of value here. The story meanders along with no destination or underlying messages; it seems as though it wants to be a film in the genre of True Romance or Trainspotting; ug, even mentioning those two films in conjunction with Punk Love seems insulting.

My girlfriend and i watched it as one watches a terrible C- monster movie. By the time the film was near the end, we were literally rooting for terrible things to happen to the main characters because we came to dislike them so much.

Keep in mind, we live in punk-friendly Philadelphia, so we might have otherwise been a prime audience for this little number.

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swzlatan profile
swzlatan January 15, 2017 at 12:04 am

This is not Paunk Love (2006)! The file is Some Dogs Bite (2010)

Stingthatsting profile
Stingthatsting May 10, 2019 at 05:25 pm

Yeah like swzlatan says it's the wrong film, luckily the wrong film is actually okay but I'd rather seen Punk Love (dld the 720p version asume the other is the same)