Night Patrol 1984



IMDb Rating 4.9


Melvin is a pathetic loser of a motorcycle cop who gets demoted to working the night shift as a punishment for his constant screw-ups. During his off-duty time, however, Melvin turns to his secret obsession: comedy. He puts a paper bag over his head and performs in front of audiences as "The Unknown Comic". Unable to balance his two lives, he seeks psychiatric help to try and resolve who he really wants to be.

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Linda Blair as Officer Sue Perman
Pat Morita as Rape Victim
Billy Barty as Captain Lewis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by baddmachine 10 / 10

Absolutely RIDICULOUS!!

"Ridiculous" is a word I use very often. It can mean very good or very bad. In Night Patrol's case, it means both. Night Patrol is RIDICULOUS!! If you are wondering exactly how ridiculous it is, just look at the cast listing- Pat Morita as the rape victim(!) If you are a fan of trashy,low-budget, absolute dreck, this film is a must-see! 10stars/10stars!!

Interesting facts about Night Patrol:

1. Murray Langston's Unknown Comic act IS A REAL ACT in Las Vegas!!

2. On the Linda Blair episode of E!'s True Hollywood Stories, the narrator says, "...And then, in 1984, Linda Blair hit her career all-time-low." They show a scene from Night Patrol!!

3. Sydney Lassick- Cheswick from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, makes a cameo appearance as a peeping Tom!

4. Bill Kirchenbauer- Coach from Just the Ten of Us, makes a cameo appearance as the "fed up Japanese guy."

5. Pat Paulsen (Kent Lane) ran for President of the U.S.!!

Reviewed by haildevilman 9 / 10

So bad it's great.

I could NOT stop laughing.

Does that mean I have a juvenile sense of humor? I'll try to feel as bad about that as I can.

Great casting. Murray Langston runs off with this one in both roles. And I agree with Michael (Psychotronic Magazine) Weldon. Pat Paulsen can make me laugh with a facial expression.

Billy Barty's gassy chief was a trip too. And Linda Blair was great looking in her semi-serious role.

The best scene was the two gay cops getting their assignment. "Yes, I'm 1 are you 1 too?" "If you're 1 then you must be 4." "I'm 4 whatever he's 4." It was great seeing a pre 'Diceman' Andrew Dice Clay playing basically himself too.

A laugh riot.

Reviewed by dandtk 9 / 10

Not Politically Correct, But Comedy Isn't Supposed To Be...

I'm not quite sure what the people who rate this as a total turkey were expecting, Schindler's List perhaps? C'mon folks, this is a COMEDY, and, as such, not to be taken so seriously. This movie came out around the same time as the first "Police Academy" movie and is a sort of a lower budget alternative that doesn't take itself too seriously. The humor is completely across the board from no holds barred raunchiness to some of the silly sight gags and campy deadpan humor that would later appear in the "Naked Gun" movies. I'm convinced the primary reason for all the venomous reviews is the politically correct crowd. Let's face it, Andrew Dice Clay (billed here as Andy Clay), who was the devil incarnate in the minds of the PC crowd back in his early 90's comic heyday, makes his film debut in a bit part in this movie. Add to that a healthy dose of humor involving gays (officers 4 and 1), lesbians (meat market saloon), dwarfs (flatulent police chief Billy Barty), blacks (Leroy A Go Go), The French, Prostitutes, etc. and you've got a movie that'll give any PC individual a conniption. The unknown comic's blue humor also features prominently in the film. Linda Blair is cute in her silly role, and the Pat Morita cameo is a hoot as well. Bottom Line; This movie is farcical, dirty, campy, raunchy, goofy, sleazy, or just simply put, FUNNY. If you are rating this poorly, you obviously don't get it. If you are the ultra sensitive type, you have no business watching this movie and/or posting a rating on it.

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