Dark Crimes 2016


Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 5.1
IMDb Rating 5.1


Tadek, a police officer who finds similarities between the assassination of a policeman and a crime narrated in a book by the writer, Krystov Kozlow. When Tadek begins to track down Kozlow and his girlfriend, a mysterious underground sex club worker, his obsession will grow and descend to the underworld of sex, lies and corruption to find the terrible truth.

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lukem-52760 8 / 10


Wow what a different JIM CARREY we have here!!! & he was Excellent in this very dark crime Thriller, i think Carrey is great at Drama & this movie really shows how good an actor he really is, feels like we're FINALLY getting to see the REAL jim carrey,the Jim Carrey he always wanted to show on screen!!! I grew up watching Carrey like EVERYONE did as the rubber face crazy comic genius but there is NO trace of that Carrey here at all!!! Here is a powerful performance by the "New" Jim Carrey & i loved it. Dark Crimes itself is a very dark & dreary Crime Thriller & I'm not going into the story because this should be watched not knowing really anything about it except it's a dark crime Thriller & that's how i watched it, i didn't read or watch a single review i just heard about Jim Carrey doing this very serious crime Thriller & waited to buy it on dvd. So yeah this is a very good Thriller with a very moody atmosphere & very dreary & dark with a serious & excellent JIM CARREY who gives a fantastic performance with an accent!!! Just watch it & get hooked into the story like i did & I'm so looking forward to more darker serious roles by Carrey hopefully in the future? JIM CARREY has successfully transitioned from Comic legend to a great serious Actor

Reviewed by itsbobr 7 / 10

Very Slow, but Good

Disgraced Polish Officer Tadek (Jim Carrey) wants to investigate the murder of a slain policeman to prove himself as he had botched a previous investigation. He is so obsessed with this case that he ignores his family. He finds similarities between the murder and details found in author Krystov Kozlov's (Marton Csokas) novel because the details of the actual murder were never released to the public, but Tadek sees them in the novel. He believes he has his man.

This will be very slow going. In the beginning, we see a lot of nudity when scenes are shown in the sex club that Koslov goes to from time to time. After those scenes we no longer see any frontal nudity. . Talking about a sex club where girls were also tortured would have sufficed, but the Director wanted more. See?

There are very few dialogues throughout especially from Tadek. As Tadek, Carrey uses a Polish accent, but I have heard better as he does it with almost no accent. Not good. And Carrey as Tedak sports a beard that makes him almost unrecognizable. I did wish that Carrey as TAdek spoke more about the case so we knew what he was thinking. Didn't happen too often.

The two main characters alongside Carrey are excellent. There is Charlotte Gainsbourg as Kasia, who is Kozlov's girlfriend; and then there is Marton Csokas as Koslov and he gives off a such commanding presence, I kind of wished he was the good guy.

I have always said that comedians have timing down perfectly when they go into drama. Jim Carrey has that in here. Kudos.

There will be 2-twists later on. The first one almost surprised me, but the last one caught me completely by surprise. Will it surprise you? (7/10)

Violence: No. Sex: Yes. Nudity: Yes. Humor: No. Language: Yes. Rating: B

Reviewed by john-demetriou-jd 7 / 10

Two years later the ratings drop down

This movie was initiallly released in Europe. In 2016. Up until then the ratings had it at 7.6 Then it gets re-released to US and worldwide as Dark Crimes. Then the ratings and reviews drop it down to under 5. So you understand the differences of opinion here. I liked the movie. It is slow paced yes, but it does not drag too long. I enjoyed the filmography and the direction of scene (it actually reminded me of Mr Robot) with a slight twist at the end. All the shot/reverse-shot scenes between Jim Carrey and Marton Csokas were amazing. And Jim Carrey playing the cold detective is also very good. I recommend it, unfortunately, others do not becuase it's not an American cop drama with lots of shooting explosions etc. If you expect that, do not see the film

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