Carry On Cleo 1964


Action / Adventure / Comedy / History / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 6.7
IMDb Rating 6.7


Two Britons are captured and enslaved by invading Romans and taken to Rome. Hengist Pod creates useless inventions, while Horsa is a brave and cunning fighter. One of their first encounters in Rome leaves Hengist being mistaken for a fighter, and gets drafted into the Royal Guard to protect Caesar. Cleo doesn't want him around and plots for his sudden demise...

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Jon Pertwee as Soothsayer
Jim Dale as Horsa
Wanda Ventham as Pretty Bidder
Warren Mitchell as Spencius
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by naseby 10 / 10

Great period-drama Carry On!

This was a lavish, colourful production that even on the supposed small budgets the 'Carry Ons' were deemed to have had, looks spellbindingly good, let alone the humour. (So many have made reference to the actual sets/costumes used from 20th Century Fox's 'Cleopatra').

The 'Romanised' names which reflect today's names (Slave-traders known as 'Marcus and Spencius' etc) add to the usual absurdity, but absurdity is never done better by this lost era of comedies - you never can help laughing when the team deliver the lines better than anyone could today (Check out Tommy Cooper and Stan Laurel).

The time is coupled with the Roman occupation of Britain and Caesar's Rome. Yes, we know that Britain wasn't properly occupied and the population weren't stone age like portrayed in the film but who cares?! Julius Caesar, played by Ken Williams, Anthony by Sid James and the rest of the ample cast, including Charlie Hawtrey still wearing his specs in ancient Rome, make it fine nonetheless.

Jim Dale does well on one of his few outings as he usually does "Oh, you silly Pod!" With reference to Hengist Pod (Kenneth Connor), the square-wheel making, accidental hero who's promoted to Caesar's head bodyguard.

Naturally it follows through to both Caesar's and Anthony's dalliance with the beautiful Amanda Barrie as Cleopatra.

The gags as always, are simple but effective (I'm not going to do the Kenny Williams one!). On John Pertwee as the soothsayer calling: "Isis, Isis". - "They're lovely!" comes the reply from Ken Connor! And when Cleo mentions to Anthony that one bite from the snake is fatal, he bites the snake, spits it out, disgusted with the taste and says: "You're not kidding!" Definitely along with 'Khyber' the best of the lot!

Reviewed by VicTheDaddy 9 / 10

Whose got the skinniest legs Romans or Britains

I do love the Carry Ons,this is one of my favourites especially as it has Amanda Barrie playing Cleo,didn't she have such big eyes?i particularly like the way she portrays Cleo as a sort of hippie Groovy Chic,rather than a big boobed no personality bimbo as was portrayed in the Up Pompai series with Frankie Howard,which was about the same era.Warren Mitchell is particularly funny as Marcus & Spencius it makes you wonder why he was never part of the team,this is the only time you see him in a carry on and his time on set is memorable.For me the funniest thing about this film now is how skinny most of the stars legs are,whose are the skinniest would you say?Charles Hawtrys,Jim Dales,Kenneth Williams,Cleos even Sid James had thin legs,i think they should have all gone down the gym first.But then the Carry on team were always different,they could always raise a laugh in one way or another.

Reviewed by Paul Deakin 9 / 10

Great Fun!!!!!

This is probably the most historically accurate film ever. I'm pretty sure that Cleopatra and Caesar were just as they are depicted here. Mark Antony is also as accurately portrayed too. Har har! This is utterly hilarious, every character is over the top, the writing is fantastic with plenty of great gags, and never outstays its welcome. Good harmless fun which punctures the pomposity of many a Hollywood epic. How ever did they get away with it?

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