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Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
IMDb Rating 5.1


When the bad boy John inherits an isolated house in an island, he invites his brother and student of veterinary Matt and his girlfriend Nikki together with their common friends Sara and Noah to fly with him in his hydroplane and spend a couple of days having good time in the place. Later Sara is attacked by a dog and they recall that in the other side of the island there was a facility for training dogs that had been shutdown to avoid a rabies outbreak. While walking through the woods, they find a man called Luke, who sailed with his girlfriend Jenny to the island, covered of blood and Luke is killed by a pack of hounds. The group runs to the house and the animals put the place under siege, and they try to find a means of escape. When the survivors reach the compound, they disclose that the dogs have been genetically redesigned to become a breed of killers.

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wuchak 6 / 10

Trapped in a cabin-in-the-woods on an island with a bunch of mad dogs

RELEASED IN 2006 and directed by Nicholas Mastandrea, "The Breed" details events when five American youths spend a party weekend at a scenic isolated island. Unfortunately, the island is inhabited by scores of mad dogs, literally. Oliver Hudson and Eric Lively head the cast as rival brothers: one a wild screw-up and the other proper & academic.

The cabin-in-the-woods horror element is old hat, dating back to "Night of the Living Dead" (1968), but "The Breed" is more realistic than most of these kinds of creature features, particularly since the 'creature' in this case is a bunch of rabid canines, which brings to mind movies like "Wolfen" (1981) and "Night of the Wild" (2015). "The Breed" is more akin to the latter, but with a limited cast and isolated setting.

The prologue is highlighted by Lisa-Marie Schneider in a bikini and the gorgeous South African locations (although I'm sure the island is supposed to be somewhere off the American Northwest coast). Michelle Rodriguez & Taryn Manning appear as the two main females in the cast; they're likable enough and moderately appealing, but nothing to get overly excited over. It's nice to see Michelle in a role that deviates from her typical kick-axx cliché.

Despite the by-the-numbers plot and some horror trappings, e.g. the black dude (Hill Harper) dying first (which isn't a spoiler), it all comes down to whether or not you can buy the setting & the characters; and does the movie build-up suspense by the final act? The answer to both questions is 'yes.' It may not be a resounding 'yes,' but it's a good enough 'yes.'

I heard a couple of critics pan the film on the grounds that the youths look way older than teens or even college age, but listen closely and it's established that they're all in their mid-20s. For instance, the younger brother is 25, which means that the older brother is around 27; and the blonde girl is 24 if you do the math.

THE FILM RUNS 90 minutes and was shot in George and Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. WRITERS: Robert Conte & Peter Wortmann.


Reviewed by hunsletramone 7 / 10

Good Dawgie Horror Tale

This is a well made horror film , and i liked it. When i saw that Wes Craven was involved as the executive producer in this film ,it gave me hope for it, and i was not disappointed. The dogs played their big part too as in being very realistically menacing , like real savage junkyard dogs.The acting was good by the humans too , with a decent enough story, so i say go watch this film, it's about as good as Stephen Kings Cujo.

i give this 7 out of 10 which is a good score from me.

Reviewed by GL84 8 / 10

Not that bad, could've been better

Partying for a weekend, friends head to a deserted island to have it for themselves where they realize that there's a pack of vicious, experimental dog breeds living on the island preventing them from leaving and try to get away before the dogs tear them apart.

While it's not that bad, there's some really solid points here. Among the better features here is the fact that this has a lot of really great action scenes as there's some really great moments that are spread because of all the dog attacks. The first attack in the woods is quite good, with the dogs appearing out-of-nowhere to get the drop on the victims at the cabin is a fun scare, and there's even some really great attack scenes going on throughout from the several long fights in the car to the fun inside the barn and all the way to the real greatness of the military complex at the end. These the attack scenes are all fun and quite entertaining as the fact that the dogs do launch plenty of attacks and manage to keep the pace to this one up-tempo for the most part here. The fact that the real dogs are used in them is a great move, since they're realistic looking and make them look even more brutal and dangerous than what CGI can make it look and it's a lot better when it looks more real. The fact that they're real makes their brutality seem even more vicious seeing them tear into the body and scratching up with the wounds is great. Along with the great bloody wounds that are quite realistic, these here is what makes the film so fun. This one here doesn't have a whole lot really wrong with it. The film's biggest problem is that it feels way too similar to another film involving killer dogs out there. It's not exactly taken note-for- note, but this one still hits the more important areas and puts them together with very little changes to break up the differences. There's even several scenes that are taken straight out of the movie here without much difficulty spotting them. Had this one not really done that route, it would've had a little better chance. That would've left the film's main flaw, the dreadful middle segment, still there. After the first attack, there's very little in terms of anything happening for a pretty hefty stretch of time. This is a momentum killer, as it resorts to having them do nothing in the time rather than spend time talking about useless topics. It gets boring, and derails the film slightly, yet the film's main concern is the film's closeness to the other film.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and violence-against- animals.

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