Battle Beyond the Stars 1980


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 5.6


Shad, a young farmer, assembles a band of diverse mercenaries in outer space to defend his peaceful planet from the evil tyrant Sador and his armada of aggressors. Among the mercenaries are Space Cowboy, a spacegoing truck driver from Earth; Gelt, a wealthy but experienced assassin looking for a place to hide; and Saint-Exmin, a Valkyrie warrior looking to prove herself in battle.

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Julia Duffy as Mol
Darlanne Fluegel as Nanelia
George Peppard as Cowboy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by raegan_butcher 10 / 10

Seven Samurai in Space

John Sayles was asked by Roger Corman to adapt The Seven Samurai into a sci fi picture and the result is this delightfully inventive tongue-in-cheek romp.

What is most enjoyable to me about the film is the fact that every mercenary hired by the peaceful "villagers" has a distinct personality and style and their motivations clearly defined. George Peppard, as the only human among them, is laid back and charming. Morgan Woodward seems to be having a grand old time playing the vengeful lizard-man--dig his gonzo war-cry during the climactic battle! Robert Vaughn does seem a bit bored but he effectively communicates his character's unpleasant coldness. Sybill Danning simply has one of the most stunning bodies to ever be stuffed into a styrofoam viking costume, even if she can't act. Add to these characters two elfin aliens who communicate thru heat (the Kelvin, wink, wink) and a troupe of what looks like Mimes called "Nestor" who operate sort of like the collectivist Borg from Star Trek and in disposition seem to anticipate the infectious optimism and curiosity of Mr Data as well.When first introduced they explain, "We believe you are seeking mercenaries for an adventure. We would like to participate." The costumes, sets and spfx are quite striking though obviously done on a low budget but that hardly detracts from the fun. Special mention must be made of John Saxon who, as the evil scourge of the galaxy Lord Sador, grabs his opportunity to chew the scenery with amusing gusto. Check the sequence where he gets to enact what must be every actors dream since Dr Strangelove: to have a battle with his own rebellious arm! He plays it all-out, with just the right mix of comic book theatrics and menacing humor. It is sometimes just enjoyable to watch veteran actors cut loose and have a good time, the spirit is infectious, as it certainly is with this film. Fun for the whole family as well as bonged-out college students and other usually disparaging types.

Reviewed by Mister-6 7 / 10

Definitely an under-appreciated film

Of all the post "Star Wars" films, this one is decidedly the best of its ilk. The dependable storyline, stalwart acting and sometimes humorous special effects (LOVE the female-designed spaceship!) all make for an entertaining film. For all the flak it has received (even getting a "Dog of the Week" label from Siskel and Ebert upon its initial release), it has for all intents and purposes kept itself in the memories of all who have seen it and is most definitely a fantasy that is worthy of seeing again and again.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 9 / 10

A delightfully spirited and good-natured early 80's sci-fi action/adventure treat

Roger Corman's highly energetic and enjoyable handy dandy combo blend of "Star Wars" and "The Magnificent Seven" has lost none of its charm or entertainment value over the years. The film still radiates a certain irresistibly sweet and dynamic good-natured quality to this very day. Evil space conqueror Sador (John Saxon having himself a wonderfully wicked field day in a juicy villain part) threatens to kill all the peace-loving people on the planet of Akir unless they willingly submit to his foul desires. It's up to naive, but eager young emissary Shad (earnestly essayed with disarmingly wide-eyed aplomb by Richard Thomas of "The Waltons" fame) to round up seven mercenaries in order to fight back against Sador. Said mercenaries include the delectably busty'n'lusty Sybil Danning as a sexy Amazonian warrior woman, George Peppard as the hilariously booze-sodden Space Cowboy, Morgan Woodward as vengeful reptilian humanoid lizard Cayman, the lovely Darlanne Fluegel as the obligatory hot babe love interest for Shad, and Robert Vaughn doing a deft reprise of his weary, twitchy gunslinger role from "The Magnificent Seven." Jimmy T. Murakami's spirited direction keeps the movie cheery and lively throughout while John Sayles' witty script, the extremely good special effects, James Horner's rousing score and the enthusiastic acting from a tip-top cast (veteran character actor and legendary acting teacher Jeff Corey is especially fine as an old blind man) add substantially to the infectiously frothy merriment. Moreover, there's a real purity and innocence to this picture, a complete dearth of smugness, irony and cynicism, which is both very refreshing and genuinely endearing. A real treat.

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