Bait 2019



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Martin Ward is a cove fisherman, without a boat. His brother Steven has re-purposed their father's vessel as a tourist tripper, driving a wedge between the brothers. With their childhood home now a get-away for London money, Martin is displaced to the estate above the picturesque harbour. As his struggle to restore the family to their traditional place creates increasing friction with tourists and locals alike, a tragedy at the heart of the family changes his world.

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ben-millen1 3 / 10

Pretty / Bad

Bait... lovely cinematography using clockwork cameras etc, at the start made it feel like I was watching a really old black and white documentary about life in Britain, but you soon see that it's not when you see the modern cars, It felt like one of those films you see in a dark room in the tate modern or similar, all the shots were great compositions in themselves but the story on the other hand was rather meandering with some characters behaving a bit unrealistically, the main protagonists acting skills weren't exactly brilliant either, on the whole I wouldn't have minded the film had it not been for the massive wtf ending, I'm pretty fed up of seeing films with abrupt unexplained or nonsensical endings, people say "oh you're supposed to interpret what happens" ...I don't want to interpret it, I watch a film to see a story, if I wanted to come up with a story myself I'd join the local writing group, why were they on the boat at the end? Why was the girl from the pub on the boat? What happened to the family in the cottage? What was the point of the boy fixing the lobster pot in the pub if no lessons were learned? And so many more questions, Why do I have to guess all this? It seems all to common in films over recent years to leave things unresolved.

This film was apparently supposed to be about how tourism effects a small community but instead we got a story about a posh family with a brat son clashing with a fisherman whom has a chip the size of the grand canyon on his shoulder, no part of any of the characters stories felt resolved, I understand the underlying message about city folk buying up houses in small communities and pushing out the locals whilst only using the properties for a few months and therefore contributing little to the local economy but I think this film told that story in a pretty naff way and that narrative was lost with the bratty posh boys behaviour becoming more center stage, I really don't understand why this film has received the accolade it has other than people who like arty looking films and don't care about the story, bit of a rant but that's how I feel about this film

Reviewed by michael-kerrigan-526-124974 7 / 10

Made with love

Bait is a pretty remarkable film. Saw it at the excellent BFI Southbank. It's set in the present day but filmed using techniques from the old silent film era - with sound - including audio - added afterwards. No moving camera. Shot as if the person being spoken to is holding said camera (think Peep Show). Beautiful black and white. It's an extension of the dogme filmmaking mantra. The director is basically sticking two fingers up at CGI and digital technology. And the result is mesmerising. However, would the drama stand up on its own two feet if it were filmed 'conventionally'? To be honest, I doubt it. But I don't think that matters.

Reviewed by biddulphmj-139-858962 9 / 10

Narrowly scoped, but sharp satire of some notion of Cornwall

I enjoyed this film. It is original and creative. It wears it's influences well, paying good homage to older films which I enjoyed earlier in life. The narrative, sound and image; ultimately the story, emerge from the masterful use of limited technology that is wonderfully mastered. I didn't mind that I found the story, and the idea of life in Cornwall, somewhat rooted in a romantic view of fishing as a heroic labour which is here seen as almost the peak profession. As if only it is an authentic job, and others are somewhat less for not being fishing people. I don't even mind the anti big city narrative, or the view that locals can park anywhere because they are locals. The story rattles along. The characters are flawed. It's great to see a different idea for what a film might be.

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