About Cherry 2012


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 10%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 15%
IMDb Rating 4.8


Angelina is an 18-year-old girl not far from graduating from high school. Her boyfriend Bobby suggests that she take naked pictures of herself and sell them. She is initially hesitant, but eventually does the photo shoot and uses the money to run away to San Francisco with her best friend Andrew. At a strip club party in the city, she meets a wealthy lawyer named Francis, who offers to introduce her to a glamorous world of expensive dresses and lavish parties. Angelina also meets Margaret who is a lesbian and a former porn star turned adult film director. She offers Angelina, now using the porn name Cherry, direction in her entry into the San Francisco porn industry. She makes several soft pornography films before deciding to do a hardcore film. After she shoots the film, an angry Francis chastises her before getting them in a car accident. she returns home to find Andrew watching one of her films. After an argument, she decides to leave and meets Margaret at a bar. They make out and ...

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James Franco as Frances
Megan Boone as Jake
Heather Graham as Margaret
Dev Patel as Andrew
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jimbo-53-186511 2 / 10

A shallow and largely unrewarding viewing experience

I clocked this film on Sky Movies On Demand and decided to watch it based on its plot summary. The plot summary really over-sells this film and made me believe that it actually might be a good film (I didn't look at its IMDb rating prior to watching it).

The problem with this film is that it just seems to lack any sort of depth; this extends to both the plot and its characters. With this being a drama on the porn industry, I expected it to explore the ups, downs, and consequences of one's involvement within this industry. This film explores some of the ups quite well and we also see some of the consequences on those around Cherry as a result of her new found career. What it fails to explore is the downside and given the subject matter that's where I thought a lot of the focus would be. Cherry takes cocaine (and seemingly ends up unaffected by this) - she falls out with her parents (and again seems unaffected by this). Cherry then has a bust up with her friend Andrew when she catches him watching porn. At this point, I thought the film was turning a corner and felt that there may be some sort of realisation or insight, but once again the writers stop that thread dead and move on to something else. Worse still, the film suggests that Cherry ends up with film director Margaret - this isn't clear as the film shifts from them having a drink in the bar together and then finds them living together in the next scene. Did anyone else think that was a bit weird?

I think the worst part of this film is that it felt like it had no message and nothing to say; I mean Cherry is arguably happier at the end than she was at the start? She doesn't seemed to have suffered that badly at any point during the film. Whilst I think that saying this glamorises the industry is perhaps going a bit too far, I did feel that it didn't explore the downsides very well and for me that's sending out a fairly dangerous message (particularly to younger viewers).

Personally, I found this film to be shallow and somewhat pointless. It didn't really have anything to say and didn't really explore Cherry's relationships with her family and friends. Worse still, it failed to provide the audience with any sort of commentary. As it is it's basically a pretentious porn film trying to masquerade as a serious drama.

Reviewed by dissident320 3 / 10

Barely a story, barely any acting

This is bad without being hilarious. There are some decent actors in this such as Dev Patel, Lily Taylor and perhaps even James Franco. But you're not seeing any good performances from them. It all feels like rehearsals or one take. There's a scene at the bar with the lead Ashley Winshaw and James Franco where I'm pretty sure she breaks and starts laughing but they just leave it in. I really doubt there was a script on this because scenes just play out they have an outline and just fill in the words. There's no subtlety whatsoever in how characters react or what happens. You feel very aware that it's just a checklist of story beats to get you to the end.

I will say there were a couple of moments where I saw a what a good movie about this subject could be. Her being in porn and dating outside of that would be a difficult thing to discuss and work through. Instead characters mostly react with disgust and there's no depth to the subject matter.

Perhaps a shame that there there are flashes of the director trying to convey a message of sorts. But this is certainly not the female version of Boogie Nights. It's just a goofy movie about a girl who wants to be in porn for no particular reason.

Reviewed by bikelvrgirl 5 / 10

Good until the ending!

I was going to rate this about an 8 or so.... until the last couple minutes! This was the worst, most abrupt ending I've ever seen, leaving many questions unanswered and loose ends straggling. I actually ended up rewinding a bit the first time, thinking the disc had skipped or something. Nope, it's just a really horribly done ending. Other than that, the acting was pretty good and it was an interesting story, not just another porn-like movie.

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