16 Blocks 2006


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
IMDb Rating 6.6


Jack Mosley, a burnt-out detective, is assigned the unenviable task of transporting a fast-talking convict from jail to a courthouse 16 blocks away. However, along the way he learns that the man is supposed to testify against Mosley's colleagues, and the entire NYPD wants him dead. Mosley must choose between loyalty to his colleagues and protecting the witness, and never has such a short distance seemed so long...

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Bruce Willis as Det. Jack Mosley
David Morse as Det. Frank Nugent
Casey Sander as Capt. Dan Gruber
Tom Wlaschiha as Bus Passenger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nzswanny 8 / 10

Surprisingly drama-oriented, but action packed nonetheless.

Although someone could consider this movie simple-minded, action- packed entertainment to watch when bored another viewer could consider this movie to be a well-crafted drama with suspense, tension and great acting. Considering that Mos Def is actually more trained in rapping than acting he actually gives a very good performance that matches the realistic wackiness of the character he is playing without misunderstanding any of the traits and in my opinion he gives a better performance than Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis may be a much more major figure in the film industry despite his downfall ever since Cop Out, but he actually gives a performance that seems underwhelming compared to Mos Def's performance because Bruce Willis mostly plays his own character in real life, but despite that they both share great chemistry in the movie. Mos Def plays a criminal and Bruce Willis plays a policeman and together they develop a subtle friendship throughout the movie much like the friendship between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in the Lethal Weapon film series and I really enjoyed that. Overall if you like both dramas and action movies then I think you'll enjoy this movie but it isn't a movie you'll be thinking about through the ages though.

Reviewed by a_chinn 6 / 10

Solid Bruce Willis/Richard Donner action vehicle

Solid Bruce Willis action film has Bruce as a limping over-the-hill detective who finds himself asked to do a favor transporting a prisoner just sixteen blocks to the courthouse. Instead, he finds himself under siege for said sixteen blocks and caught up in a web of criminals, dirty cops, and conspiracies. For as simple and clichéd a plot here, the script seemed quite overwrought and a tad too self-serious for what is essentially an update of Clint Eastwood's "The Gauntlet," but despite a weak script, the film is solidly directed by veteran action direction Richard Donner ("Lethal Weapon," "Superman," "Ladyhawke," "The Goonies") and Bruce gives a strong performance as always. Not a classic, but still better than the bombastic 4th and 5th "Die Hard" films.

Reviewed by Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki 5 / 10

Mediocre, but one of the grimiest films I've ever seen.

Similar to Die Hard 3, with the action taking place on the claustrophobic streets of Manhattan, but nowhere near as good.

Willis yet again plays a burnt out, over-the-hill, alcoholic new York cop (a role he has played far too many times) this time transporting a prisoner to a hearing, a mere sixteen blocks away, with numerous others trying to kill them en route. But here, Willis appears slightly more awake, like he is putting forth a *little* effort, rather than just standing in the background during most scenes (like he has done far too many times).

The bus hijacking was good, may be one of the best moments in the film, but from then on, the pacing slows to a crawl, and it never regains momentum.

One of the grimiest, ugliest looking films in recent memory. Even the daylight scenes look grey/ black, and grimy, like this was filmed using charcoal and a shovel

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