10,000 BC 2008


Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / History

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 8%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 5.1


A prehistoric epic that follows a young mammoth hunter named D'Leh's journey through uncharted territory to secure the future of his tribe. When a band of mysterious horse-riding warlords raid the Yaghal camp and kidnaps his heart's desire - the beautiful Evolet along with many others, D'Leh is forced to lead a small group of hunters south to pursue the warlords to the end of the world to save her. Driven by destiny, the unlikely band of warriors must battle saber-toothed cats and terror birds in the Levant.

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Camilla Belle as Evolet
Steven Strait as D'Leh
Cliff Curtis as Tic'Tic
Omar Sharif as Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by raul_bli 9 / 10

Why people think that this movie it's so bad?

Firstly the acting was great. The landscapes were awesome. CGI maybe not the best in the history of cinematography but nonetheless very good. The story was very interesting, not the most complex so only people that read at least 10.000 books can understand, either way not the most simple one. It was right on point and it says enough so you can understand what is all about in that movie. Maybe the only complain which i would agree if i would have cared about the historical accuracy of what happened 10.000 years ago. I can understand that the history snobs get very triggered at a movie when it lacks in accuracy on historical part, but come on, do you really care about what happened 10000 years ago? I mean when a movie has a lot of inaccuracies in more recent events such as ww2 it's ok to complain, but in this case I feel like people are neatpicking. It wasn't perfect, but not how people describe it here, I feel like the grade that movie got does not fo the justice. Have a good day.

Reviewed by CobraLOrd0 3 / 10

What a waste of money.

An insult to the average moviegoer's intelligence in every way. Despite the horrid acting, bizarre fantasy setting (don't think this is even trying to depict how 10,000 BC was like), dullness, an inconsequential plot and stupidly corny dialogue the film manages to be somewhat entertaining due to some action scenes. I just don't know what Roland Emmerich was trying to accomplish with this movie. This guy was like "place a couple Hollywood actors there, make up an elementary plot, throw them some cheap customes, make tiger cgi so that we can create a poster (tiger only appears for 5 minutes), come up with some cheesy dialogue and paste it all together (in some form or another, w/e)". Thus, if you turn off your brain the film is watchable.

Rating: 3/10 - Horrible

Reviewed by Jadey N. 6 / 10

Secret Date Movie and Allegory of The Human Race

I hate Roland Emmerich movies. All of them. Except for this one...and Stargate too. (The television series is better though.) This is probably the highest score I ever gave to one of his films. (Except for Stargate.) There are a bunch of idiots complaining how this is historically inaccurate. Well you monkey of course it is! Even says so in the beginning of the film! They are rewriting history, well "pre-history" and telling a story in the progress. You don't go exclaiming that when you watch a movie set in the Dark Ages or Victorian Era do you? No! You don't go, "HAHA! Dragons you say? There were no dragons in during medieval times!" Or, "HAHA! A time machine? How incredibly stupid!" Does the Stone Age have some unique privilege I do not know about? This is a fun movie! I laughed a lot in the beginning of the movie because of their ridiculous accents and voices. "Me. Like you. You. Like the stars." The writing in this movie is really, really cheesy but wait! It's actually even cheesier! Civilization seems to get more advanced as the film goes on. But the story and plot is the same. A simple man after a simple woman, also seeking revenge. How adorable!? So if you were to over-analyze this film, you would say that this film is actually an allegory for human life. We evolve but we remain the same. Our only stupid purpose in life is to experience love... and reproduce with the person with the best genetics and features. (I stopped laughing at this point. Just. Wow...a smart Roland Emmerich movie? No I must be over- analyzing.) Now for you all self-proclaim historians of prehistoric times, how many times have you read a true love story like that?

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