The Villain 1979


Comedy / Western

IMDb Rating 5.4


"Cactus" Jack Slade (Kirk Douglas) is the meanest bad man in the west, or so he thinks. When a bank robbery goes awry, he lands in jail facing a hangman's noose. When the corrupt owner of the bank offers him a job, Jack sees a chance to stay alive and get rich in the process. All he has to do is steal a strongbox full of money the banker lent to Mr. Parody Jones (Strother Martin) who needs it to keep his mining operation going. If he defaults on the loan, our "friendly" banker takes over the mine. Ms. Charming Jones (Ann-Margret) comes to town to collect the money and take it back to her father, Parody. To ensure the money makes it back home, Parody has called in a favor from a man who owes him a life debt. Enter Handsome Stranger (Arnold Schwarzenegger). The toughest and strongest hero in the west. As tough as a steel plate but, unfortunately, just as dense. As Charming and Handsome set off on their journey, Jack sets out after them. Using his trusty "Bad Men Of The West" handbook, ...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger as Handsome Stranger
Ann-Margret as Charming Jones
Kirk Douglas as Cactus Jack
Paul Lynde as Nervous Elk
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drew1751 8 / 10

It's supposed to be a LIVE action Road Runner Cartoon!

You people have completely missed the point of the movie! When Kirk Douglas falls off the cliff, or off his horse, he is not intended to be hurt! Didn't you get it when he painted a tunnel on the big rock, and Arnold and Ann PASS right through it? Then when Douglas tries it, he runs splat into the rock! It is a very funny comedy! COMEDY being the key word here. Arnold has some great lines in this movie as does Ann Margaret. This is your classic Saturday Morning Wile E. Coyote/Roadrunner cartoon done in a live version. Don't worry so much about the acting, and just enjoy the movie.

Also, Ann Margaret is NOT 63 in this movie, and she is VERY hot looking in it. And even at 63, she is still somewhat hot!

If you have this movie and Brain Donors, you have yourself a fun day ahead of you!!

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

Dudley DooRight versus Wile E. Coyote for Jessica Rabbit

I'm not quite sure why Kirk Douglas took the part of a live Wile E. Coyote in the film villain other than to say that he had now tried the slapstick comedy genre. But in this case the frustrated coyote is not matched up with the beeping road runner. His adversary is Dudley DooRight in the person of Arnold Schwarzneggar, the Handsome Stranger. Yes folks, that's his character name.

We've got a third cartoon character in the mix, Ann-Margret doing a prototype of Jessica Rabbit. Annie's really showing off the stuff today with bosoms akimbo, she's got every member of the cast panting after her with the exceptions of Strother Martin who is her father and still sees Daddy's little girl and Arnie whom she pants after, but who doesn't show the slightest interest.

The bulk of the film is taken up with Kirk as villainous Cactus Jack and his horse Whiskey, doing their best to stop Arnie and Ann and rob them of a large sum of money from banker Jack Elam to Strother Martin. It's here where all the comparisons to the road runner cartoons take place.

I'm sure Kirk Douglas liked the change of pace, burlesquing his own western image. And he had a tough assignment because the majority of his scenes are alone and the dialog was spoken to his horse. Maybe Mr. Ed should have been cast in the role.

If anybody noticed the name of the horse Whiskey is the same name that Kirk Douglas used for his horse in his acclaimed Lonely Are The Brave.

Lest you think that because this is a road runner film the ending is a road runner ending. Let's just say that Jessica Rabbit has her needs and priorities as well.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

An amusing and hilarious Western that is a sort of live-action equivalent of the cartoon series

Diverting Western satire in which there are several nutty characters and improbable happenings . Fun Western parody in which satire goes on and on the same premise . This wacky spoof is packed with mayhem , lots of silly laughters and great entertainment and fun . Most of the laughs and sight gags galore work acceptably well ; humor is also bold and intelligent with a myriad of imaginative but well-known sketches . Demystified as well as amiable Western was one of a group of diverse characters changed the concept of this particular genre each bent on disproving a popular myth , yet tinged with humor , spoof and combining with anti-heroes , crazy Indians and many other things . A funny spoof of B Western that is almost live-action Roadrunner/Coyote and his disaster-prone cartoon , it is the fastest fun in the west! . Here Douglas plays the inept highwayman Cactus Jack who is assigned by a corrupt banker , Jack Elam , to take a vital cash from the couple Margret/Arnold to its destination only rebound on himself . But incompetent Cactus mugs his way through a routine series of flops and he repeatedly fails to to get the loot . Along the way Cactus keeps attempting to abduct the damsel in distress and she is helped by a drippy , miscast Arnold Schwarzenegger who keeps rescuing her .

This comic Western is a kind of live-action similar to Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote , Kirk Douglas-alike . A farcical and disconcerting comedy-action in which there are laughs , slapstick , noisy action , thrills , entertainment and amusement . This is an enjoyable film but repetitive and director Needham , apparently lost in the continuous gags , resorts to hackeyed camera trickery , including a truly offensive denouement . The picture is wonderfully amused and agreeable and it has its moments here and there . Trio protagonists : Kirk Douglas/Ann-Margret /Arnold Schwarzenegger are complemented by a nice support cast such as : Foster Brooks , Ruth Buzzi , Mel Tillis ,Jack Elam , Strother Martin . Furthermore , Paul Lynde as Nervous Elk and Robert Tessier as Mashing Finger steal the show as two deadpan , amusing and uptight Indians . The twisted screenplay besides having more than its fair scraps of funny lines ,throws up sympathetic roles . The formula deals to enhance the comics observations of the western originated on the decade 60 , being continued by the following filmmakers : Andrew McLagen and Burt Kennedy with ¨Support your local gunfighter (one of his better spoof Western)¨ , ¨Support your local sheriff¨ (his highpoint) , ¨Dirty Dingus Mcgee¨ and director Michael Gordon with ¨Texas across the river¨ ; a bit later on , Mel Brooks directed the indispensable ¨Blazing saddles¨ , a surrealist , extreme and gross-out spoof with the ordinary bunch of loonies and loopies .

The motion picture was regularly directed by comedy-action specialist Hal Needham , who attempts to lift the comedy with quick-motion sequences , but having flopped in the States . Hal Needham was a stunt , second unit director , producer and director who made some successful films , being Burt Reynolds his fetish actor . Hal directed hits and flops such as : Cannoball run , Cannoball run II , Smokey and the bandit I , Smokey and the bandit 2 , Megaforce , Hostage hotel , Stroker ace , Rad , Body slam , among others . rating : 6/10, acceptable and passable .

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