Overcomer 2019


Drama / Sport

IMDb Rating 6.5


Life changes overnight for Coach John Harrison when his high school basketball team and state championship dreams are crushed under the weight of unexpected news. When the largest manufacturing plant shuts down and hundreds of families leave their town, John questions how he and his family will face an uncertain future. After reluctantly agreeing to coach cross-country, John and his wife, Amy, meet an aspiring athlete who's pushing her limits on a journey toward discovery. Inspired by the words and prayers of a new-found friend, John becomes the least likely coach helping the least likely runner attempt the impossible in the biggest race of the year.

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Alex Kendrick as John Harrison
Ben Davies as Coach Myers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joeyford-55342 10 / 10

Nice to have a movie I can see with Mom

Great film, fun and engaging. I like that it was clean, like movies used to be. It motivated me. Heck, I might start running again!

Reviewed by dshields-25698 10 / 10

Uplifting film!

Wow. I saw this film yesterday and am still replaying scenes in my head. Such a great inspirational film. I wish there were more movies like this available.

Reviewed by drpphoward 10 / 10

This is a must see movie!!!!

My husband and I enjoyed this movie so much that as soon as we walked out the theater, he turned and said, we have to get this DVD when it comes out! We cried and we laughed but most importantly it helped us solidify our relationship to the Lord. We think we know who we are but we let things around us tell us different. After watching this movie we have made a stance to stand firm on who He say we are! Love this movie! Great job to cast and crew.

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